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Test-market brand, LashControl® testimonials

We went to Union Square Park in NYC to get unsolicited reactions to our test-market brand, LashControl® Mascara - here's what they said...

"I received my order for the volumizing and the lengthening mascaras and I love them both ... I've found a new favorite!" - Jennifer Solomon

"I was a major mascara junkie! I would read about one mascara and dash out to buy it, hate it, and wait for another article to come out. I tried expensive mascaras, cheap mascaras, online name it! Everything clumped and I looked like I was wearing little spider legs."

"Lo and behold I read an article about LashControl in InStyle Magazine. So I went to the Web site and ordered one. Jennifer (the owner) wrote back immediately and from there we became e-mail pen pals! The mascara was perfect. The one and only major problem of clumping was solved. I had never seen a container like this one, and to this day still haven't. You can make it as heavy as you want, or as light and wispy as you want. It's all in the art of squeezing the wand. This magic wand is perfect and I will never buy another brand of mascara. The customer service (via Jennifer) has been fabulous. Delivery is always prompt and I've been so happy. I try to share the love with everybody I know about this fabulous product. Go Lash have cured me!"

"Yesterday I received your package and couldn't wait to try the mascara. Per your instructions, I curled my lashes before applying the mascara. I'm smiling right now because my lashes stayed curled all day long and with no clumping. The mascara didn't flake on either the top and/or bottom of my eye lids. YEA! In addition, when I removed my eye make up this evening, there was no tar residue. So I didn't look like a raccoon. I think I'm hooked."

"Just left a rave review at WHT, where I discovered your mascara. It's the closest thing to the Holy Mascara Grail that I've ever found. Thank you SO much! I will be a repeat customer. Can't wait for the waterproof formula!! Oh - fyi, shipping was super fast. The package arrived within 2-3 days of my order. I was astounded. Great packaging too - love the tube!"

"I have very sensitive eyes & have tried every mascara on the market. I purchased this before it was presented because I was sold on the idea of being able to control the amount of mascara on the brush. WOW-was I surprised when the product delivered in three ways, no more clumpy lashes or having to wipe the brush & made with ingredients good for your lashes. It does not flake, clump or come off until you wash it off & I have no sensitivity issues. Came back & bought more! EXCELLENT PRODUCT"

"I just bought LashControl Lengthen & Condition and Clear Coat Mascara Duo, and can't believe what a great product this is! No glopping, no mess, and though it comes off easily with warm water, I had NO smudging! Also LOVE the clear coat for both my lashes and eyebrows. This product is a MUST TRY!!! ...Truly fantastic!"

"What a great idea! I wear contact lenses and love this mascara. No irritation whatsoever! I love the way it's not clumpy and give you long, long lashes. And...very easy to remove. I will definitely buy again! Great Mascara!"

"I am so amazed at this mascara! Never going back to my old brand!"


"I love eyelashes seem to get thinner and shorter as I age. This really lengthens and stays put. I just love it. THE Lash Look"

"I don't have time for the glops - this is clean and easy!"

"It made me realize how much mascara I've wasted wiping [the brush] on a kleenex, and also how unsanitary it is to wipe it like that."

"Wow! What a treat it is to use. No fuss. No mess. It's so much fun to be a girl!"

"It feels like this has been around forever because it makes so much sense. Where have you been all my life?"

"It does exactly what it says it will do...a great product."

"I've been using Lancome mascara for 20 years. Supposedly it is the best. I tried LashControl and unlike Lancome it allows me to control the amount of mascara on the brush for a more natural, casual look. Goodbye Lancome!"

"I love your mascara - it solves all the problems I had with other mascaras. It goes on in a very thin layer; no clumping; no wiping the wand on the cartridge to remove all the excess mascara. It's the BEST! I am giving it as little gifts to all my girlfriends. They keep calling me to tell me how much they love it too!"

"Thank you for this brilliant idea! I will only buy my mascara from you from now on. Congratulations on a great idea!"

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