You won't believe your eyes!
LashControl Black Lengthening Mascara

LashControl® Lengthening and Conditioning
Natural Black Mascara

Pink Squeeze

Our Lengthening brush is full and tapered to help reach each and every lash and keep them separated. The conditioning, no flake black formula is beeswax-based with loads of botanicals to help hydrate the lashes. The best lengthening and conditioning mascara with non-clumping Squeeze Control!

LashContro Lengthening & Conditioning Natural Black Mascara features an innovative, patented breakthrough delivery system offering a unique and sanitary method for customizing the amount of formula on the applicator. No more wiping excess formula on a tissue or scraping the brush at the edge of the container - Just squeeze the pink flex wiper as you pull the brush out!

UNIQUE: No other mascara on the market today has our patented built-in squeezable wiper sleeve, enabling the consumer to continuously control and customize the application process.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL and more SANITARY: No more wiping with a tissue or scraping along the edge of the tube! Now your brush can be both an applicator and a lash separator, reducing excess and waste, application is precise and takes less time, and best of all -NO MORE CLUMPS!

GENTLE: Conditioning mascara formulas are non-irritating*. With loads of botanicals in a hydrating beeswax base, ingredients include Gingko Biloba, Chamomile Flower Extract, Ginseng Root Extract and many more. Our formulas accentuate length with the ability add volume with layers as desired. Lashes stay flexible to the touch. No smearing or flaking

EASY: Easy to use and easy to remove! Washes off with warm water. Promotes healthy natural growth and protects the lashes. No tugging, pulling or remover necessary.

FUN: Sold in exciting and eco-friendly exterior packaging that displays a full size product and brush.

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