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It’s a whole new way to fall in love with your mascara®

The only mascara with SQUEEZE control®

LashControl® is a rich BLACK mascara in a unique patented, award-winning mascara tube - You control how much mascara is on your brush every time you use it. Simply squeeze as you pull the brush out and excess formula stays in the tube.

LashControl® formulas are loaded with botanicals including Gingko Biloba, Chamomile Flower Extract, Aloe, Keratin, Amino Acids, Aloe Bargadensis Leaf Extract and Panax Ginseng Root Extract. A beeswax base helps keep lashes hydrated and conditions them with proteins. More sanitary mascara application than ever before! Won't irritate eyes!

See amazing results!
LashControl Before and After results

LashControl® stays put until you take it off - removes gently with warm water, so no tugging on delicate eyelashes.

Simple to use color-coded squeeze tubes make it easy to choose your favorite formula and brush combination.

Squeeze A LOT as you pull the brush out for a natural, enhanced look. Squeeze A LITTLE if you are looking for drama and layer, layer, layer!

No bacteria or drying out from pumping your brush!  

PINK TUBE -- Black Lengthening
PURPLE TUBE -- Black Volumizing
CLEAR TUBE -- Clear Lash Coat/Brow Tamer

Watch internationally known makeup artist Wayne Goss review LashControl®!

Wayne Goss gives a "Zac Efron" makeup tutorial using LashControl®.

Known around the world for his work with Beyoncé, Kate Hudson, and Jennifer Lopez, Celebrity make-up artist Scott Barnes** demonstrates LashControl®.

Watch "Battle of the Mascara Wands: LashControl versus DiorShow"

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