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It’s a whole new way to fall in love with your mascara®

The only mascara with SQUEEZE control®

LashControl® is a rich BLACK mascara in a unique patented, award-winning mascara tube - You control how much mascara is on your brush every time you use it. Simply squeeze as you pull the brush out and excess formula stays in the tube.

LashControl® formulas are loaded with botanicals including Gingko Biloba, Chamomile Flower Extract, Aloe, Keratin, Amino Acids, Aloe Bargadensis Leaf Extract and Panax Ginseng Root Extract. A beeswax base helps keep lashes hydrated and conditions them with proteins. More sanitary mascara application than ever before! Won't irritate eyes!

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In the News ...

U. Control Packaging, LLC, well known for its line of unique mascara and brow-fix formulas sold under the niche brand name LASHCONTROL®, has now added two new brand names to its intellectual property portfolio: SQUEEZEMASCARA® - to identify the fluid dispensing system in its containers of mascara formulas, and PROSQUEEZE® - geared to speak to the Makeup Artist professional market. With the brand LashControl®, UCP pioneered the use of tactile (finger) pressure to meter the amount of mascara carried on the brush, and also, for the first time, enabled the user to pinch off excess mascara clinging to the end portion of the brush while it is pulled from the container. Watch our videos for demonstrations below!

Watch internationally known makeup artist Wayne Goss review LashControl®!

Known around the world for his work with Beyoncé, Kate Hudson, and Jennifer Lopez, Celebrity make-up artist Scott Barnes** demonstrates LashControl®.

LashControl® stays put until you take it off - removes gently with warm water, so no tugging on delicate eyelashes.

Simple to use color-coded squeeze tubes make it easy to choose your favorite formula and brush combination.

Squeeze A LOT as you pull the brush out for a natural, enhanced look. Squeeze A LITTLE if you are looking for drama and layer, layer, layer!

No bacteria or drying out from pumping your brush!  

PINK TUBE -- Black Lengthening
PURPLE TUBE -- Black Volumizing
CLEAR TUBE -- Clear Lash Coat/Brow Tamer

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